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Storm Damage in Portland, Maine

11/16/2017 (Permalink)

Whether you are looking for Storm Restoration or water restoration by using a flood pump, you need to contact local professionals dealing with ice damage because you may also have frozen pipes, ice damming and a lot of ice dams to get rid of. River flooding due to storm damage can also cause a lot of roof damage that is going to need professional roof repair to get rid of the roof leaks that are currently present due to flood water or large amounts of ground water on your roof. A flood pump that is the result of Storm Restoration is often not enough to get rid of the ice damage and hail damage that is in your area causing frozen pipes and large amounts of ice damming. The wind damage that you are currently dealing with can also cause roof leaks to happen that are then in need of professional roof repair. This is why it is so imperative that you get Professionals in who are specific to both wind damage and roof repair.

Whether you are currently dealing with ice dams in your area or have flood water and ground water to get rid of, you need to contact local professionals who can come in with their own tools and skills necessary to get the job done. Ice damage that causes a significant amount of ice dams to form is something that you should never attempt to do on your own when dealing with both flood water or a large amount of ground water. Ice dams can easily be rectified when you contact the right company to do the job for you. One of the main issues that people deal with when it comes to storm damage is that they do not know how to do the restoration on their own, but it is nice to know that there are professional companies out there that will be able to work exclusively with you to restore your home or business back to the way it was after a hurricane hit the area. This is also an important option if you have some type of property insurance and will have the project covered for you.

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Fire Damage Remediation Service

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Comprehensive Fire Damage Remediation Service is Vital

In the aftermath of residential or commercial fire damage, you likely are best served by selecting a fire restoration company that provides comprehensive services. In other words, you need to select a firm that will provide you with assistance with smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell.

In considering a company, make sure that you fully explore the specific services that are offered. Ask a representative of a fire damage restoration company if the firm does assist with cleanup and also provides assistance with smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell. Although most companies in business today do address fire cleanup as well as remediate smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell, that is not always the case. You will also want to inquire about board up assistance. Prompt board up is vital. Appropriate board up ensures that additional damage or harm not come to the premises. This includes protecting against vandalism and related activity that sometimes happens after a fire.

Check Out the Fire Specialists Closely

When considering engaging the services of a restoration company, you need to more than merely check out the work experience of the team of specialists with the firm. You need to examine the background of the fire damage remediation specialists associated with a firm.

You need to make sure that any specialists that will be working at your residence or commercial property to address fire in home or fire in business must be fully and appropriately licensed, bonded, and insured. You may also want to inquire of the firm about the type of background check it has run on the specialists that are on its residential or commercial fire damage remediation team.

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Getting a Firm Quote

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Getting a Firm Quote

The reality is that not all firms providing fire damage restoration services provide the same pricing scheme for its residential and commercial fire damage remediation services. Because of this reality, you need to make certain that you obtain a thorough estimate or fee quote from a commercial fire damage remediation service.

Although time is of the essence in the aftermath of a residential or commercial fire, if you can, you should attempt to do at least some price comparisons. You cannot sacrifice the need for immediate intervention at the premises, including prompt board up and fire cleanup, in order to spend an inordinate amount of time shopping for the lowest price. Keep in mind that the lowest price for fire damage remediation services typically is not the best deal. You want to seek out the more reputable, effective fire damage restoration professional at the most reasonable price.

Inquire About Equipment

Not only will you want to glean information about the team of specialists at a fire damage remediation firm, you will also want to inquire about the equipment a company uses. For example, you will want to find out what equipment a company uses to deal with issues like fire cleanup more generally, but also to address smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell.

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Surveying After a Fire

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

Surveying After a Fire

In the aftermath of fire damage from an electrical fire, utility room fire or other source of soot damage, it is a good idea to let have a good look around the entire area. Many areas affected by smoke damage and soot damage and in need of fire restoration efforts may be only visible to the naked eye after a careful look. The fire sprinkler system may be need of a repair as it may have been damaged in the aftermath of the electrical fire. Now is the time to start thinking about future fire suppression efforts and fire restoration plans as well as how to cope with the immediate aftermath of the fire. Now is also the time to speak with any firefighter still there and find out their thoughts on the origin of the fire.

Cleaning Up

It's a good idea to keep in mind that any fire restoration efforts can be messy. The fire sprinkler system may have placed water all over the entire business. The fire sprinkler system may also have damaged the walls and other vitally important yet delicate items in the area such as computers and furniture. Cleaning up must begin as soon as possible in order to get the business up and working as soon as possible. The fire may have received local coverage. In that case, customers and clients may be left wondering what's going on. They may also be left wondering when the business will open up again. It's a good idea to begin a social media account reserved solely for communicating with clients and with all employees.

Prevention is Important

As the cleanup starts, many business owners realize the importance of future fire suppression efforts. The last thing the business owner needs is another fire. Working with professionals can help the business owner identify what needs to be done to prevent this from happening in their business ever again. Many business owners are also landlords. In that case, the business owner needs to make sure a fire never happens again or else face loses that including damage to their business and damage to the property they own at the same time.

Rebuilding Your Premises with Professional Fire Damage Restoration

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

Rebuilding Your Premises with Professional Fire Damage Restoration

One of the greatest tragedies you can face during the course of a lifetime is a fire in home or fire in business. If you have experienced a fire in home or fire in business, it is vital that you obtain professional fire damages restoration services. With this in mind, when it come to your fire damage remediation.

Experience Matters When It Comes to a Fire Restoration Company

When seeking out and selecting a fire restoration company after a fire in home or fire in business, you need to explore the experience of a particular fire damage restoration service. You need to pay attention not only to how long a company has been in operation, but you need to consider the experience of its team of specialists as well. 

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Being Safe During Commercial Fire

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

Being Safe During Commercial Fire

Commercial fire damage is a hazard every business owner faces. Each business owner must be prepared to cope with the possibility of a fire that may cause fire damage. Commercial fire damage can happen as a result of many factors including an electrical fire or utility room fire. During the fire, the business owner may need to deal with a firefighter on their company space. They may also need to cope with a fire truck and a fire hose that may be in use in order to help clear out soot damage and fire damage as well as smoke damage. The fire may have taken place in a single area of the business such as a utility room fire or it may be far more extensive requiring fire restoration efforts that can time to fully fix. It's best to realize that any commercial fire damage from any kind of fire including an electrical fire or utility room fire can take time to fix.

Stay out of the way

In the aftermath of commercial fire damage, there may be lots of things present including a fire hose, firefighter and fire truck. The owner may find it hard to get in during the fire to assess the fire damage, smoke damage and soot damage. A fire sprinkler system may still be on and going, possibly creating even more problems. Fire suppression efforts may be ongoing by the firefighter and a team with a fire truck and a fire hose. It's best to take the time and let the fire suppression efforts continue until the professionals with the fire hose and fire truck are finished.

What to Know About Storm Restoration

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

What to Know About Storm Restoration

When it comes to storm damage due to Hurricane damage, you need professionals dealing with storm remediation. There are so many different things that go into home restoration that is the result of hurricane damage in your area, so be sure to contact a local professional who deals specifically with storm remediation. Whether you are dealing with a significant amount of flooding, roof damage, hail damage, ice damage or even roof leaks, you need storm remediation. There is a reason why a lot of people are currently contacting home restoration experts specializing in storm remediation. These professionals come to your home with their own flood pumps and tools to get rid of the ground water, flooding, River flooding and flood water that is currently causing frozen pipes and Ice damming to form.

Hurricane damage can leave behind a lot of problems once the storm has passed, and this is why storm damage involves so much cleanup. Whether you are looking for water restoration due to River flooding or residential flooding or you need professional roof repair done because you have a significant amount of roof damage and roof leaks due to wind damage or hail damage, you need to contact a Storm Restoration professional. Home restoration and water restoration involves a variety of different skills and tools necessary, especially when you are dealing with a lot of river flooding in your area or have residential flooding due to frozen pipes, ice damming or hail damage. Storm Restoration and home restoration as well as high quality water restoration is more than just using a professional flood pump. You are going to need to have the hurricane damage restored by professionals dealing specifically with storm damage, wind damage and even roof damage.

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The Categories of Water Damage

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

The Categories of Water Damage

It is always important to look for professional water damage restoration services after a water accident or flood damage to help you go back to your normal life as a soon as possible. A restoration company restores your building to the pre-damage condition by removing water in home or water in business. Water in home or water in business resulting from a supply line break or pipe break can lead to devastating effects such as damage to furniture and other household items, contamination, mold growth, fire damage, exposure to water-borne diseases and allergic reactions, and other forms of flood damage in a flooded home. The damage restoration process should be carried out by an experienced water restoration expert from a reputable restoration company that is licensed and certified. The following are the four major steps that are normally followed when it comes to the water damage restoration process:

Initial visual Inspection

The first step is to determine the level of damage caused by water in home or water in business by conducting a thorough assessment. The main objective of the inspection is to define the category of flood damage in a flooded home for proper mitigation. It is difficult for a restoration company to outline the restoration strategy without knowing the category of damage. Flood damage from clean water sources such as supply line break, in-house pipe break, and toilet tanks falls under category 1.

This damage should be restored as soon as possible before it can generate into category 2 and 3. Category 2 damage results from water in home or water in business that contains detergents such as dishwasher water or washing machine water. Damage from toilet overflows also falls under this category. Unsanitary water that easily causes death, disease or illness falls under category 3. This includes standing water, river flooding, and water from the sewerage system.

Water Removal

The next step after inspection is water cleanup, which is a major mitigation strategy after a supply line break or pipe break. This involves removing water from all the rooms in a flooded home using vacuums and pumps. The extent of the damage caused by water in home determines the type of equipment the restoration company will use. The water should be removed as soon as possible to avoid bacterial and mold growth. The water from a supply line break or pipe break should be contained and extracted immediately to prevent further damage in a flooded home.

It is advisable to remove all wet materials like toys, clothing, pillows, throw rugs, and carpets from the affected area before water cleanup. Contractors can expedite drying by removing wet surfaces on floors, ceiling, and walls after water cleanup. Unsalvageable dry walls or insulations such as baseboards should be removed to accelerate drying. The other method that can be used to accelerate drying in a water cleanup process involves opening cabinet doors and drawers.

Stabilizing and Drying

The process begins after the removal of all wet materials and water extraction. Professional contractors use commercial grade equipment such as heaters, wood floor drying systems, dehumidifiers, and air movers to generate dry air and at the same time increase evaporation and air circulation. It is important to prevent mold growth at this stage through moisture control. The materials impacted and the nature of damage determine the time the building will take to dry.

Reassessment of the Damage

Certified technicians have to reassess the extent of water damage after structural drying to ensure complete mitigation after a supply line break or a pipe break. This type of inspection is meant to ensure that there are no pockets of moisture that may still be hidden in the building. Such pockets of moisture can lead to mold growth or other water related damage.


The best way to prevent bacterial and mold growth is by cleaning and sanitizing all personal belongings. Anti-microbial treatments are also necessary for drapery, clothing, and carpeting. The moisture and particles present in the air can be removed using air scrubbers.


This mitigation process involves replacing material like insulation and drywall. In addition, reconstruction should involve the replacement of the structural damage after water damage has been mitigated. Some of the materials that can be replaced after water damage include heating systems, ductwork, drapery, clothing, shelves, floors, and walls.
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Understanding Commercial Fire Damage and the Restoration Process

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

Understanding Commercial Fire Damage and the Restoration Process

Most property owners know that the worst thing which can happen to them is fire damage. What many do not know is the fact that the toughest part of dealing with commercial fire damage comes in after the fire trucks and the firemen have left, and one has to assess and mitigate the damages they have suffered. Below are a few of the things you need to understand about fire damage and the fire restoration process.

The fire suppression

As a property owner, there are measures you are supposed to put in place to alert people in case there is an electrical fire or any other fire. These include smoke and electrical fire alarms. Mechanisms such as fire exits and fire extinguishers should also be in place to minimize loss of lives and property in case of a fire. When an electrical fire does break out, the first step should be getting everyone off the building to a safe place.he next step is calling in the fire truck.

The firefighter will deal with the electrical fire according to the suspected cause. For instance, if the reasons of the utility room fire was an electrical fault, there is no way the firefighter or the fire truck going to try and use a fire sprinkler system for fire suppression. The fire sprinkler system is used where the cause of the utility room fire has nothing to do with electricity. In cases where the fire was due to an electrical appliance, the firefighter will use the fire hose, which creates a carbon dioxide blanket, killing of oxygen supply to the fire and, therefore, killing it.

The fire restoration after fire suppression

You will only be allowed to access a building affected by fire damage after the firefighter has removed the fire truck and fire hose, and declared it safe for re-entry. In case the utility room fire was so extensive, and it destroyed structures such as the roof and parts of the drywall, board up, and roof tarp will be done to hold the structure upright and protect the house from vandalism. Note that the use of powerful fire sprinkler systems and fire hoses can also weaken the internal structure of the house. The following are some of the steps followed during fire suppression and utility room fire damage restoration.

• Fire cleanup: Fire damage leaves behind problems such as smoke damage, soot damage and lots of charred debris. If the fire were extinguished using the water fire sprinkler system, or the fire hose the restoration experts would have to start by removing the water and drying up the rooms before proceeding.

• Soot damage and smoke damage removal: smoke will adhere to upholstery, furniture, and other appliances after a fire. It is the responsibility of the restoration company to use the appropriate detergents and cleaning agents to make sure that any smoke damage and soot damage on the floors, walls or appliances has been completely removed.

• Fire restoration: This part of the process aims to make sure the house goes back to the state it was in before the commercial fire damage. To make this happen, the commercial fire damage restoration experts assess the damage caused by the fire after the cleanup and give a quotation of what is needed to be done, and the cost. They will repair any drywall which has fallen apart, replace parts of the roof that could have gotten burnt in the fire, and repaint the areas inside the home that could have stains from smoke damage and soot damage.

The quality of the commercial fire damage restoration depends on the competence of the company which you hire to handle the fire restoration for you. It is best to take time, look at the offers on the table from different companies and select the one which best suits your needs.
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Starting Over After Storm Damage Affects Your Home

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

Starting Over After Storm Damage Affects Your Home

The flooding is over after the hurricane has run through. River flooding is finally going down. Now you have to look at what has been left behind when storm damage affects your home. Wind damage, hail damage, and roof damage has been considerable. You have no idea where to begin when dealing with storm damage of any kind. The same can be said when winter weather becomes severe, resulting in ice damming and frozen pipes. Ice damage can be just as devastating to your home. You know that storm restoration is a must if you are going to live in your home once again. Once the river flooding or flooding has settled, you will be able to see more clearly what you are dealing with. Professional storm damage restoration services make it possible to achieve storm restoration, water restoration, and home restoration. Your professional technicians have the skills, experience, and resources needed to achieve storm remediation.

What Will Your Storm Restoration Team Do First to Address Storm Damage?

Call in your professional storm restoration crew once it is safe to enter your home again after storm damage has occurred. Your team of experts will begin with a complete evaluation. They will look for any type of damages caused by a roof leak when there has been roof damage after ice damage, wind damage, or hurricane damage. If you have an ice dam, expect roof damage. Ice damming is a major problem with winter storms and can cause considerable ice damage. Whether you have an ice dam that has caused roof damage or roof damage has occurred due to wind damage, hail damage, and hurricane damage, your roof will be a repair. Expect your roof to be covered to avoid additional roof damage and the havoc caused by a roof leak. Your storm restoration professionals will focus on any area of your home affected by flooding or river flooding. Ground water and flood water are going to result in a need for water restoration services. Frozen pipes are also a culprit of water damage. A flood pump can be used to eliminate any sources of water in your basement or on your first floor of your home. An industrial model is typical when you need a flood pump for water restoration services. You may have a flood pump that you have used in the past, but your professionals will bring in a flood pump that can rise to any challenge. They will get rid of ground water and flood water that has risen after flooding, river flooding, or frozen pipes have burst. Flood water and ground water require more than the removal of water for the water restoration process. If you want true home restoration, you will need to dry all surfaces completely after ground water, flood water, or frozen pipes have caused a problem. Once the water is gone, your crew can work on additional steps for storm remediation.

Look to the Roof

In addition to drying the premises as part of your home restoration process, roof repair will be an area of focus after wind damage, hurricane damage, and ice damage have taken place. You are sure to have a roof leak after hail damage or hurricane damage. Roof repair will be the next step to address a roof leak of any severity. Roof repair is a must after an ice dam or major ice damming as well. An ice dam and ice damming can cause just as much damage as hail damage. When your roof is fixed, you will be a step closer to storm remediation.

Completing Your Home Restoration Services

You are well on your way to storm remediation. Watch as your professionals do wonders. They'll repair your floors and walls, apply a new coat of paint, and move your things that were saved back into your home. Get ready to have a homecoming once again.
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