Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Is A Sign Of A Moisture Problem

Mold is a difficult problem to deal with, but if you have mold, it is very likely not the only issue you have. Mold is dependent on moisture to thrive. Often we... READ MORE

What To Do If I Have Mold?

No matter whether it is a home or business, every structure is going to have some mold without fail. It can be found in areas that are dark and moist because th... READ MORE

Mold and Water Damage

Wet Basement Causes Mold Damage in Portland, MEA pipe that burst in this basement caused flooding. The issue was that the basement wasn't used very much and the... READ MORE

Removing Mold From The Ceiling

A severe moisture problem that was left unchecked while the owners were away resulted in a very unpleasant surprise when they arrived home. Problems like this a... READ MORE

The Best Way To Remove Mold?

If you find that your home has mold on the ceiling like the one pictured here, don't hesitate, call SERVPRO of Portland so that we can come to your home and beg... READ MORE

Sewer damage in basement

Recently our team responded to a sewer cleanup in an unfinished basement. Several items needed to be cleaned and sanitized or disposed of in order to disinfect ... READ MORE