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Bathroom Water Damage

The definition of mitigation is "to lessen," in our case mitigation lessens damage. Insurance companies require property owners to mitigate losses quickly. Here... READ MORE

Roof Damage in Portland

When there are high winds in Portland, ME there is often roof damage.Shingles Missing on RoofThe wind had blown a bunch of shingles off the roof of this home wh... READ MORE

Roof Damaged During Storm

The roof of this home suffered heavy damage from high winds during a storm that impacted our area. A large limb fell on the roof and caused damage that allowed ... READ MORE

Wood Floors Can Be Saved

Westbrook Home Floors are SavedWood floors can often be saved if they are dried quickly after being wet. Water usually seeps in quickly under a wood floor becau... READ MORE

Supply Line Break Floods Office

A supply line in this office building broke and allowed many gallons of water to flood the surrounding offices. SERVPRO of Portland was called to handle the cle... READ MORE

Mold Is A Sign Of A Moisture Problem

Mold is a difficult problem to deal with, but if you have mold, it is very likely not the only issue you have. Mold is dependent on moisture to thrive. Often we... READ MORE

Finished Room From Burst Pipe

Falmouth, ME home suffers pipe burst.A burst pipe had ruined the carpet in this room. When SERVPRO of Portland was called to the job our technicians worked righ... READ MORE

What To Do If I Have Mold?

No matter whether it is a home or business, every structure is going to have some mold without fail. It can be found in areas that are dark and moist because th... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe While Owners Were On Vacation

The owners of this home turned the heat off while they were away over the holidays to save money. While they were away, a pipe froze and burst. As you can see f... READ MORE

Mold and Water Damage

Wet Basement Causes Mold Damage in Portland, MEA pipe that burst in this basement caused flooding. The issue was that the basement wasn't used very much and the... READ MORE