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SERVPRO of Portland Signage

On the Job

Local Restoration Services

SERVPRO of Portland is the local restoration and remediation team you can trust for any type or size of disaster. Our sign was put on this fence because this reconstruction site was a project we took part in. 

Our team is certified and trained to handle any type of emergency restoration event!

SERVPRO employee in PPE

Safety First

Safe Cleaning Services

Our team at SERVPRO of Portland is trained and certified in water or fire damage restoration services. We wear full personal protective equipment to ensure safe remediation and restoration practices. 

We follow a strategic restoration and cleanup process no matter the size or type of fire or water disaster. Call the Pro's today!

Damaged carpet removed from home's living room

Removing Damaged Carpet

Our Process

After severe water damage, this home had to have its carpet removed. The standing water had been there for too long and not all the water could be extracted, so it had to be removed and replaced. We worked quickly to get this home back to normal after water loss

Reconstruction of attic after fire damage

Restoring the Attic

After Fire Damage

Our team had to restore this attic after a small fire in the home. After removing all of the damage insulation and wood, we replaced and reconstructed the framework before putting down new insulation. 

Our team at SERVPRO of Portland is trained to handle any type or size of residential fire loss. We're Here to Help. 

Boxes of food donations on the floor in an office

Food Drive Collection

For the Community

Food donations are coming into our office for our Annual Food Drive. Thank you to all the local business, property management offices and insurance agencies who are contributing to our food drive and making a difference during these difficult times. 

Supporting our fire departments and communities during fire prevention week

Fire Prevention Week

Our Information Table

We had such a great time connecting with the families within our communities during Fire Prevention Week!  Plan and Practice your Escape was the theme for this years focus.  Thank you to our local fire departments for the invitation to participate and being a part of this fun community event. 

People standing in the grass

2019 Annual Golf Event & Appreciation Day

Thank you to our SERVPRO team in Maine, the many, many sponsors, raffle donations & attendees for making our 13th Annual Golf Event a success. Monies raised at our event helps support the American Red Cross Maine Disaster Relief Fund. 

Basement water loss with significant amount of standing water

Basement Water Damage

Standing Water Removal

This basement suffered from a water loss with significant standing water.  SERVPRO of Portland responded with professional drying equipment and drying techniques. The owner was impressed with how quick and efficient the crew with clean up.

SERVPRO equipment in a living room on carpet

Professional Drying Equipment

Using Advanced Technology

We have professional drying equipment clean and ready for any type of water, storm or fire clean up emergency.  A water loss can leave your home in a mess and feeling like you have nowhere to turn, so let the professionals at SERVPRO of Portland help!

Water Damage Equipment

SERVPRO of Portland responded to this property that was suffering from a water loss in Portland.  Our team has professional drying equipment clean and ready for your water restoration emergency. Click here to visit our site.

Chris Woodbrey, Our General Manager Celebrates 30 years with SERVPRO

In May 2019 we celebrated Chris Woodbrey for his commitment to the SERVPRO brand but more importantly our franchise. Chris has worked for SERVPRO of Portland & South Portland for 30 years!!! Chris worked his way up and now oversees and runs the day to day operations of our franchise. Chris thank you for your dedication and commitment. We appreciate everything you have done to make this franchise so successful!  Your knowledge & experience is what makes us the premiere cleanup and restoration team for so many homeowners and businesses in Portland.

11th Annual Appreciation Day Golf Event Benefiting the American Red Cross of Maine

On December 20, 2018, the SERVPRO of Maine Franchises presented a check for $12,000 to the American Red Cross of Maine Disaster Relief Fund. Over the past 11 years our Maine Franchises and customers come together for a fun day of golf while raising money to help support the Disaster Relief efforts of the American Red Cross. Thanks to all our golfers, ALL OUR SPONSORS and the Maine Franchise employees who helped make this event a success. 

SERVPRO of Portland's 13th Annual Movie Event & Food Drive Is a Big Success!!

November 24, 2018 marked our 13th Annual Movie Event & Food Drive and it was our best year yet!! With over 400 people in attendance at Falmouth Flagship Cinema to watch the animated movie The Grinch, we collected 1100 lbs of food. Our crew packed up boxes of food and delivered them that morning to the Gorham Food Pantry!! We look forward to 2019 being just as successful. 

Flooring Water Damage

This home suffered from a water loss after a pipe break.  The water had spread throughout the home effecting multiple rooms.  The air movers were put in place to dry the area quickly preventing damage to the flooring. 

Pack out after a Storm in Portland

After a storm in Portland, SERVPRO responded to this home and began clean up.  They packed up all the belongings in this home to ensure they were safe during cleaning and reconstruction.  

Water Loss in Portland Home

After a water break, SERVPRO of Portland responded to begin clean up procedures.  There was significant amount of water in the floor.  The team used air movers to dry the area after removing flooring and baseboards.  For your water restoration contact us 24/7. 

Floor Water Damage

After a water break there was significant amount of water in the floor. SERVPRO responded quickly and began clean up procedures.  They packed up belongings to restore then back to like new conditions. 

Warehouse Damage and Cleaning

SERVPRO of Portland was called to clean this building after it had been damaged by smoke. Our technicians cleaned the rafters and equipment to make it "Like it never even happened." Let us be your first thought when disaster strikes.

Employee of the Month - March 2018

Congratulations to Kelly Overlock for receiving the Mary Lamey Award for Outstanding Performance for March 2018. Kelly completed 11 Emergency Ready Profiles in the month of March and 20 for the year so far. Way to go Kelly!!

Employee of the Month - February 2018

Dave Ryan was awarded the Mary Lamey Award for Outstanding Performance for February 2018. Dave went above and beyond during the winter months, take on additional on call coverage, working late and picking up extra work so that we help those in need during some very cold winter weather. Congratulations Dave!! We appreciate all your hard work and dedication. 

Employee of The Month - January 2018

Congratulations to our our Billing Specialist/Project Auditor Bridget Arey for being the recipient of the Mary Lamey Award for Outstanding Performance for January 2018. Bridget's hard work and dedication during the very busy months this winter helped us stay on track with billing and assist with 2 large losses our office was handling.  

Cleaning Contents After A Fire

SERVPRO of Portland not only will clean up and repair your home, but we also clean up the contents inside your home. If you have personal items that were damaged in a fire, we can help.

Severe water damage in Portland

This home had a massive amount of water damage. It cause some debris to fall on the floor, causing a lot to be cleaned up. SERVPRO of Portland was quick to respond and begin the cleaning process. 

Drywall Cut after Water Damage

This is the after picture of a water loss and requires the removal of drywall.  SERVPRO has the expertise to ensure drywall is cut our properly and restored back to pre-water conditions. 

Bedroom After Storm Damage

Storms can happen at any time and SERVPRO is ready for any storm emergency.  This is the after picture of response to find storm damage in bedroom and quickly began clean up. 

Air Movers drying Kitchen

Air movers can quickly dry any area after a water loss.  It is important to ensure areas dry to prevent any future damages.  They can dry all types of flooring including carpet and cabinetry. 

Commercial Drying Equipment

SERVPRO responded to this water loss on commercial property.  They used the air movers to quickly dry the floor.  Water should be cleaned up quickly to ensure no future damages or mold to grow. 

Mold Removal Experts

We are a team of highly trained and well equipped professionals dedicated to making sure that the job is done right when you have a mold problem. Call us any time, day or night if you have a problem.

It Can Grow Anywhere

If the conditions are right, mold can grow anywhere and it affects everything it touches. If you have a mold problem, it needs to be dealt with. Give us a call and we'll take care of it.

We Are Mold Experts

Mold can be very difficult to deal with. If you have a mold problem you need a prompt response from professionals you trust to get the job done right. Call us. We'll make it "Like it never even happened."

Mold As A Result Of Moisture

If you have mold, there is an excellent chance you have a moisture problem. In order to deal with the mold, you have to deal with the moisture problem first to make sure that the mold doesn't grow back.

Water damage cleanup in Portland after winter weather

This home had a massive amount of water damage from cold weather here in Portland, Maine. SERVPRO of Portland was quick to respond and start the mitigation process. Once all of the water was cleaned up, SERVPRO placed drying equipment throughout the home and left until dry. 

Busted Pipe

Ever wonder what a busted pipe looks like? Here is an example and SERVPRO of Portland was quick to help and start extracting the water. Once all of the water was extracted, SERVPRO was able to dry and begin the restoration process. 

Red Cross Support

SERVPRO of Portland was proud to help support the American Red Cross in Maine. We are proud of the hard work they do in disaster relief to help families after fires, storms and any other events that happen. 

Water cleanup in bathroom after plumbing failure

This toilet had a plumbing issue causing massive amounts of water damage. SERVPRO of Portland was quick to respond to extract and start the drying process. Once all of the water was removed, drying equipment was placed to complete the job. 

Disaster Recovery Team

Our Disaster Recovery Team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to help with any size fire or water loss. Even if you just have a question, do not hesitate to reach out and let us know. 

Water cleanup in home

Our team quickly responded to this water loss to cleanup and get the drying process in place quickly. It is critical to make sure all of the water is extracted and that the right amount of equipment is put in place. 

Commercial Damage Due to Water

This is the aftermath of a water damage that occurred in a hotel room. Once our crew arrived and extracted the water from the affected room, we strategically placed drying equipment to ensure the structure dried as quickly as possible.

Sump Pump Failure Causes Basement Water Damage

Sump pumps can stop working for many reasons including old age, power outages, improper installation, lack of maintenance to name a few. This homeowner suffered a water damage in their basement due to a sump pump failure. Drywall, some carpet and contents were affected by the water entering the basement.

Mold on the Bathroom Ceiling

Mold damage occurred on this bathroom ceiling due to a water damage that occurred in the home.  Should you experience a water damage in your home, it's important to extract and dry out the structure as quickly as possible as mold growth can begin growing within 24-48 hours of the damage happening. Our crews are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Portland Fire Damage

Where do you think the fire started?

Lint traps can and will ignite if they are not properly maintained. The hot air running along the lint dries it out to a point where it is extremely flammable.

Helping Out A Local Business

Our team responded to assist with a local insurance company by setting up our generator to ensure they were able function and help out customers who were in need of support and services after Maine was hit by a severe wind and rain storm.

Storm Cleanup

Our office responded to several homes after they suffered water and wind damage from an intense storm that impacted Maine and other parts of New England. This picture shows the damage from a tree falling on a home. This picture was taken from inside the house.

Removing Wet Insulation to Prevent Mold Growth

This picture shows the removal of the drywall ceiling along with the insulation that was affected by the water damage. Removing the wet insulation helps dry the structure quickly but most importantly will prevent mold growth from occurring. 

Grease Fire Damage

This is a picture of smoke & soot damage caused after a grease fire. Should you ever experience a grease in your home,  NEVER put water on a grease fire. Turn the heat source off and try to cover the pot with a metal lid. Baking soda can also help extinguish small grease fires. 

We Have the Resources After a Fire

There are so many questions needing to be answered after you have experienced a fire. SERVPRO of Portland has the resources to help with any size fire. Our team responded to this business after it suffered from a fire. We provided fencing around the building to ensure safety and security for the building owner and to the public.

Fire Damage to a Local Business

A fire can occur at anytime to a home or business, and it can be devastating. Our team helped inventory the items in this local business and salvage what they could after it suffered a fire. This picture shows the roof of the business that was heavily damaged.

Dryer Fires

A dryer fire can happen at any time. Be sure to clean out your dryer vent annually. SERVPRO of Portland recently responded to a cleanup due to the dryer in this image catching on fire.

Containment When Mitigating Mold

When mitigating mold we take all precautions including containment to ensure mold spores do not spread to other areas of your home or business.

Drying Out An Office Building

To ensure the structure of this office space was dried correctly, we removed the cove base and set up air movers to dry properly and effectively to prevent secondary damages.

Water Damage Due to Sprinkler Head

Our emergency team responded to this commercial building after a sprinkler head was accidentally hit setting off all sprinklers and causing a lot of damage. 

Stocking the Truck to Help out in Florida

One of the vehicles were stocked with equipment and drove to Florida to help out with the cleanup from Hurricane Irma. Call SERVPRO of Portland for your storm restoration emergency.

Hoverboard Fire

Hoverboards are causing fires nationwide. We recently cleaned and restored this Portland apartment from an unfortunate fire caused by a hoverboard. The battery packs overheat causing the device to catch fire.

Water Damage to Hardwood Floors

Used to dry hardwood floors, these floor drying mats help with drying time to restore floors to like new condition. The use of these mats helped saved the floors to this condo in Portland.

Water Damage to Hardwood Floors

Used to dry hardwood floors, these floor drying mats help with drying time to restore floors to like new condition. The use of these mats helped saved the floors to this condo in Portland.

Tornado Damage in the Sebago Lakes Region

In early July, four tornadoes touched down in the Sebago Lakes Region. Several homes suffered damage due to uprooting trees and high winds. Our crews helped this Windham homeowner with tarping the roof and extracting water from the carpet in their home. The reconstruction took place shortly after by our amazing team.

Home Fire Due to July 4th Fireworks Celebration

According the NFPA, in 2013 and estimated 15,600 fires were reported which included 1,400 structure fires. This homeowner in Scarborough suffered extensive damage to their home after a July 4th fireworks celebration. Our team assisted with the cleanup including tarping the roof to prevent further damage to the home.  

Office Bathroom Water Damage

Water damages can occur at any time and any where, including at our office. We walked into our office to a water heater that had let go overnight causing water damage to both our bathrooms and kitchen area. 

Commercial Warehouse Water Damage

We recently were called to cleanup a large water damage in Portland for a local business. Their warehouse suffered major water damage due to a sprinkler pipe breaking underground.  Our crews quickly responded to begin extracting water and start the drying process.  

Aeriel Lift Training With The Crew

We love training and that's just what we did back in late November.  Certification training for our employees to be in compliance for our next commercial warehouse cleaning and restoration project. The course was Aeriel Lift Training that took place in our new warehouse followed by practicing using the different lifts that may be required when on a job. 

Taking a Stand for Unity Day

On Wednesday, October 19, 2016 our team dressed in orange in support for Unity Day. A day that is focused on standing up to bullying. The 5th grade class at Lyseth Elementary in Portland contacted  local businesses including ours to help spread the word and to make a difference.

Giving Back to the American Red Cross

In November 2015 we particpated in presenting a check to the American Red Cross of Maine for $14,000 for the Disaster Relief fund. The SERVPRO of Maine franchises were able to raise that money at our annual golf event. We are gearing up for our 9th Annual Golf Appreciation day in hopes to surpass the amount we raised at least years event.  

Having Enough Equipment is Key

This is just a small area of our warehouse that stores some of the equipment we need to ensure your water damage is dried completely. Air scrubbers, axiel fans, carpet fans, dehumidifiers and triad air movers are pictured.


We Have The Resources

And We're Here to Help

This is just one of the many resources that we have available to us and is stored at our location.  This vehicle is equipped with several hundred pieces of drying equipment to help with any size water or fire damage your home or commercial business may suffer. We are part of the Large Loss Response Team! No job is too big or too small. 

food pantry donations

Donating To Local Food Pantry

For the Community

Each year we invite our customers to our annual movie event. In turn, we collected canned goods to donate to a local food pantry. In this picture our crew is helping out and packing up the canned goods for delivery. 

SERVPRO golf event

Appreciation Day Golf Event

For the Community

The SERVPRO's of Maine come together each year to appreciate their customers but also raise money for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund. All money raised at our event stays in Maine to assist families within in our communities that may have suffered a disaster.  We look forward to this event each year!