Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Roof Damage in Portland

When there are high winds in Portland, ME there is often roof damage. Shingles Missing on Roof The wind had blown a bunch of shingles off the roof of this home ... READ MORE

Roof Damaged During Storm

The roof of this home suffered heavy damage from high winds during a storm that impacted our area. A large limb fell on the roof and caused damage that allowed ... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Roof Causes Water Damage

High winds from severe storms that impacted our area caused a tree to fall on the roof of this home. It severely damaged the roof allowing large amounts of rain... READ MORE

Portable Power in Portland, ME

Wind took out the power in Portland, ME.When the power went down one of our clients needed some help. They are an insurance agency and needed to stay up and run... READ MORE

Wind Damage in Gorham, ME

Storm and Wind Damage A lot of damage can be done in a storm. The wind can drive rain under roofs and shingles causing damage to the exterior and interior of yo... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Portland, ME Home

Turning Off the Water in Your Home This poor family had a water damage in their home while they were celebrating the holidays. A lot of the jobs we get during t... READ MORE