Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Cleaning Contents After A Fire

SERVPRO of Portland not only will clean up and repair your home, but we also clean up the contents inside your home. If you have personal items that were damaged in a fire, we can help.

Portland Fire Damage

Where do you think the fire started?

Lint traps can and will ignite if they are not properly maintained. The hot air running along the lint dries it out to a point where it is extremely flammable.

Grease Fire Damage

This is a picture of smoke & soot damage caused after a grease fire. Should you ever experience a grease in your home,  NEVER put water on a grease fire. Turn the heat source off and try to cover the pot with a metal lid. Baking soda can also help extinguish small grease fires. 

Dryer Fires

A dryer fire can happen at any time. Be sure to clean out your dryer vent annually. SERVPRO of Portland recently responded to a cleanup due to the dryer in this image catching on fire.

Hoverboard Fire

Hoverboards are causing fires nationwide. We recently cleaned and restored this Portland apartment from an unfortunate fire caused by a hoverboard. The battery packs overheat causing the device to catch fire.

Home Fire Due to July 4th Fireworks Celebration

According the NFPA, in 2013 and estimated 15,600 fires were reported which included 1,400 structure fires. This homeowner in Scarborough suffered extensive damage to their home after a July 4th fireworks celebration. Our team assisted with the cleanup including tarping the roof to prevent further damage to the home.