Water Damage Photo Gallery

Damaged carpet removed from home's living room

Removing Damaged Carpet

Our Process

After severe water damage, this home had to have its carpet removed. The standing water had been there for too long and not all the water could be extracted, so it had to be removed and replaced. We worked quickly to get this home back to normal after water loss

Basement water loss with significant amount of standing water

Basement Water Damage

Standing Water Removal

This basement suffered from a water loss with significant standing water.  SERVPRO of Portland responded with professional drying equipment and drying techniques. The owner was impressed with how quick and efficient the crew with clean up.

SERVPRO equipment in a living room on carpet

Professional Drying Equipment

Using Advanced Technology

We have professional drying equipment clean and ready for any type of water, storm or fire clean up emergency.  A water loss can leave your home in a mess and feeling like you have nowhere to turn, so let the professionals at SERVPRO of Portland help!

Water Damage Equipment

SERVPRO of Portland responded to this property that was suffering from a water loss in Portland.  Our team has professional drying equipment clean and ready for your water restoration emergency. Click here to visit our site.

Water Loss in Portland Home

After a water break, SERVPRO of Portland responded to begin clean up procedures.  There was significant amount of water in the floor.  The team used air movers to dry the area after removing flooring and baseboards.  For your water restoration contact us 24/7. 

Floor Water Damage

After a water break there was significant amount of water in the floor. SERVPRO responded quickly and began clean up procedures.  They packed up belongings to restore then back to like new conditions. 

Severe water damage in Portland

This home had a massive amount of water damage. It cause some debris to fall on the floor, causing a lot to be cleaned up. SERVPRO of Portland was quick to respond and begin the cleaning process. 

Drywall Cut after Water Damage

This is the after picture of a water loss and requires the removal of drywall.  SERVPRO has the expertise to ensure drywall is cut our properly and restored back to pre-water conditions. 

Air Movers drying Kitchen

Air movers can quickly dry any area after a water loss.  It is important to ensure areas dry to prevent any future damages.  They can dry all types of flooring including carpet and cabinetry. 

Water cleanup in bathroom after plumbing failure

This toilet had a plumbing issue causing massive amounts of water damage. SERVPRO of Portland was quick to respond to extract and start the drying process. Once all of the water was removed, drying equipment was placed to complete the job. 

Water cleanup in home

Our team quickly responded to this water loss to cleanup and get the drying process in place quickly. It is critical to make sure all of the water is extracted and that the right amount of equipment is put in place. 

Sump Pump Failure Causes Basement Water Damage

Sump pumps can stop working for many reasons including old age, power outages, improper installation, lack of maintenance to name a few. This homeowner suffered a water damage in their basement due to a sump pump failure. Drywall, some carpet and contents were affected by the water entering the basement.

Water Damage to Hardwood Floors

Used to dry hardwood floors, these floor drying mats help with drying time to restore floors to like new condition. The use of these mats helped saved the floors to this condo in Portland.